When the sword is unsheathed for a long time

It might happen that after consumption of an erectile tablet like Viagra, Cialis or Vilitra 20 mg, that your penis will stay erect. This phenomenon and negative side effect occurs very rarely, but if it does, it’s very painful for a man. Imagine having your penis on fire, not being able to extinguish it. Now that’s some torture. It’s important however to stay calm and don’t do something reckless. Now you might want to try to cool it down with a bag of ice or cold water, since the cold is affecting it in this way. But if the erection is still there even after all these cooling techniques have been used, you should definitely visit the nearest hospital, since the blood veins in your penis aren’t really „indestructible “.

Is there any permanent damage in that?

If such condition is left untreated, there might be, but it happens even more rarely than the erection not going away. Every time there is something wrong and there are more severe negative effects (always described on the back of every package), you should definitely visit your local doctor or ambulance. But these cases happen once in every million, that’s some low chance and it is cured relatively easily.

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